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Aitui - Shop of the Week

Writing by Ramus Overlord on Thursday, 17 of May , 2007 at 2:37 am

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Store Name: Aitui
Owner: Jesseaitui Petion
Website: /
Category: Tattoos, Clothing, Skin, Hair
Average Cost per Item: L$350-750
Audience: Male & Female
Aitui (Main)

Aitui has an amazing and highly detailed selection of Tattoos. From Chinese Culture, to Sea Creatures and more these tattoos will not dissapoint you. The Aitui sim also has a large selection of excellent male clothing and prim hair, this place is worth the visit.

Just see the examples below!

Attach V.2
Aitui Tattoo - Attach V.2
No Mod/Copy/No Transfer
Full Upper Body - L$550

For men here is an intense Dragon design.

Aitui Tattoo - Agression
No Mod/Copy/No Transfer
Full Upper Body - L$425

And for women a beautiful blossum style.

Cherry Blossoms
Aitui Tattoo - Cherry Blossoms
No Mod/Copy/No Transfer
Full Body - L$500

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Location: Shop of the Week, Events, Aitui

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The Lost Gardens of Apollo

Writing by Ramus Overlord on Wednesday, 9 of May , 2007 at 1:50 am

Lost Gardens of Apollo

Sim Name: Apollo
Sim Type: Private (Mature)
Location: The Lost Gardens of Apollo
Dane Zander
Website: N/A
Size: est. 64,000 sq. m
Traffic: est. 50390
Events: Wedding Hosting
Rating: 5 out of 5 5 out of 5 5 out of 5 5 out of 5

Hello everyone! I am sorry for the lack of updates, my home ISP was down for over a week leaving me unable to post! I hope this makes up for it!

The Lost Gardens of Apollo, if you have not heard of this place then either you’ve been living under a rock, or you’ve never been around a woman in Second Life. The Lost Gardens are arguably the most romantic sim in the metaverse, from waterfalls, to towers that reach the clouds, not many other places in Second Life have the views and beauty of Apollo.

The Entrance statue.

Like most sims of this nature, we suggest that you walk instead of fly. There are tons of paths and views that you can find, and its too easy to miss them when looking from above. We also suggest you come here with a loved one, being here by yourself can be a bit depressing. The sim is usually jam packed with lovers, and the only thing we could hope for is a second Apollo sim to ease up some of the traffic. However, once you find a cozy spot that’s not taken, it’s a wonderful place to spend a night.

One of the many romantic spots at Apollo.

After your initial tour of Apollo, you may want to take flight. Some places can only be reached by teleporter or flight, and these are places you will not want to miss. In the skys you can find balconys, towers and other hidden wonders.

A balcony overlooking the water.

After you’ve seen the major areas of Apollo you can visit the dock to see some of its many fine stores. Some of these stores include, Creations by Vindi Vindaloo, Men’s Eclectic Unique Jewelry by Mhaijik Guillaume, NEVERMORE by Santana Lumiere, BRAINBOW by treebee Withnail and !SF Designs by swaffete Firefly. These are just a few of the quality shops located at Apollo, and we hope you check them out before you head on home.

The Dock’s of Apollo

We highly suggest Apollo for a romantic evening out with your companion, or even as a get together with good friends. I’ve heard many weddings go on there as well, and I have no doubt that Apollo is the romantic capital of Second Life. But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself and let us know what you think! I’ll leave you all with proof of the romantic atmosphere of Apollo, I can not say I did not enjoy this review!

Ramus and his beautiful lady, Sara in the Lost Gardens

Check out the Gallery for more pictures of The Lost Gardens of Apollo

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Location: Four Stars, Romantic Spots, Lost Gardens of Apollo

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Project Open Letter

Writing by Ramus Overlord on Wednesday, 2 of May , 2007 at 8:35 pm

I usually do not want to post anything unrelated to the traveler here, but this came up to me recently from a friend and I thought I would share it all with you.


This is an open letter to Linden Labs outlining the current major issues in Second Life and there lack of resolution to them. So far it has been signed by over 4000 Second Life Citizens. Even if you do not agree with everything in the letter, since I know im iffy on a few of the ideas. The general message it sends to LL is strong and carries signatures by some of the top designers and scripters in Second Life. So check it out, and if you agree with it add your signature.

As seen at /2007/04/30/project-open-letter/ Linden Labs has heard this message, what they plan to do about it is an entirely different matter.

Stay tuned for more updates to the blog and thank you for continuing support!

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Location: Ramus' Ramblings

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Canimal - Shop of the Week

Writing by Ramus Overlord on Saturday, 28 of April , 2007 at 12:48 am


Store Name: Canimal
Owner: Canimal Zephyr
Category: Clothing, Skins, Accessories
Average Cost per Item: L$250-350
Audience: Primarilly Female, Some Male
Canimal (Main)
Lalique Square
the Block
Or visit Canimal on:

Canimal is hands down, the most unique and visually stunning clothing store in Second Life. From dresses, to bunny costumes, to skimpy lingerie, her products never fall short of Second Life fashion perfection.

Check out some of her products below!

Canimal - Disturbia
Mod/Copy/No Transfer
One Color Pack - L$250
All Color Packs - L$800

Canimal - Forever
Black or White Pack - L$300

Check out this awesome bundle from Canimal!

Candy Collection
Canimal - Candy Collection
Mod/Copy/No Transfer
Entire Pack - L$1700
Single Packs - L$150-350

Visit Canimal now at Canimal!

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Location: Shop of the Week, Canimal

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Second Life Relay For Life

Writing by Ramus Overlord on Thursday, 26 of April , 2007 at 4:36 am

Relay for Life

Second Life Traveler, Second Life Profiles and Friends Fighting Cancer are proud supporters of Relay For Life

Second Life Traveler has donated L$20,000 towards SL Relay for life, if you can spare any L$, please donate.

How to support? If you are a member of Second Life Profiles, then you buy a ribbon in Second Life, it will automatically show up on your profile!

100% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society

Relay For Life is a fun-filled overnight event designed to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs of your American Cancer Society. During the event, teams of people gather at schools, fairgrounds, or parks and take turns walking or running laps. Each team tries to keep at least one team member on the track at all times.

In 2005, the Second Life community, in cooperation with the American Cancer Society, saw fit to re-create a Relay For Life event within the virtual world setting, combining traditional design with new elements afforded by the online social platform. Doing this has allowed the American Cancer Society to reach out to a new demographic, thus expanding their mission. It also enables real people, who might otherwise be physically incapable of participating in a Relay For Life, to get involved in a new way.

SL Relay For Life 2006

For more information about Relay For Life, make sure to visit the official SL Relay For Life website.

Intestered in helping out as a SLProfiles member? Make sure to visit Jezebel’s “Friends Fighting Cancer” group and drop a line!

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Location: Events

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Botanical Gardens

Writing by Ramus Overlord on Wednesday, 25 of April , 2007 at 6:09 am

Botanical Gardens

Sim Name: The Botanical Guardens
Sim Type: Private (PG)
Location: The SL Botanical Gardens
Isablan Neva
Website: N/A
Size: est. 64,000 sq. m
Traffic: est. 6449
Events: N/A
Shops: Sky Dreams, Spa ~ Licious

Rating: 5 out of 5 5 out of 5 5 out of 5 5 out of 5 5 out of 5

For today’s review, I chose the Second Life Botanical Gardens. The Botanical Gardens was actually one of the first places I had ever visited in Second Life, at that time in late 2005 it was located in the sim Federal on mainland with a little over 7000 sq. m of land. It was a beautiful and relaxing spot, created, owned and managed by Isablan Neva (who also happened to be my Second Life Mentor!). Since then, it has moved to its own sim Botanical Gardens and now spans over 60,000 sq. m of land in a collaboration effort by many artists.

The Welcome Area, beautiful!

The first thing you will notice upon entering this sim, is its beauty. In a collaboration effort with over 12 nature artists, this location is top notch in design. Some of the designers include;

    Khamon Fate (trees & plants)
    Higbeen Protagonist (trees & plants)
    Luna Bliss (waterfall, trees & plants)
    Lilith Heart (trees & plants)
    Transparent Banshee (glass greenhouse, waterfall, trees)
    Laukosarvas Svarog (fountains, plants)
    Fallingwater Cellardoor (plants)
    Rose Karuna (trees & plants)
    Arwen Eusebio (trees)
    Smuk Zaftig (Treeline Gardens & Landscaping)
    Menubar Memoria (wind chimes & storm system)
An amazing waterfall, a sight to behold.

While you can fly through Botanical Gardens, we highly suggest that you walk. And bring a loved one with you too, this garden sim is full of coves and romantic spots to bring a date for a great night out. There is little to review for a location such as this when it is full of such vibrant spots and beautiful architecture. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. So here are a few more!

A small maze-like grass area!

Beautiful Abstract waterfalls

Botanical Gardens is still a work in progress, and although as seen above it is a visual masterpiece, some sections of the sim are still unfinished. The welcome notecard claims that this sim has been in the works for months, and is still a work in progress. The estimated time of completion is June and I can not wait to see the completed project!

An Arabic sitting area

If this isn’t enough to get you to check out the Botanical Gardens, than nothing will be! I highly recommend this location for any couples or for the adventurer who needs to see it all in Second Life. I’ll continue to float along here near the waterfall, I don’t think i’m ever going to leave!

Ramus enjoying his bath time

Check out the Gallery for more pictures of Botanical Gardens!

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Location: Ratings, Five Stars, Romantic Spots, Botanical Gardens

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Elika Tiramisu Designs (ETD) - Shop of the Week

Writing by Ramus Overlord on Friday, 20 of April , 2007 at 5:10 am

Elika Tiramisu Designs

Store Name: Elika Tiramisu Designs (ETD)
Owner: Elika Tiramisu
Category: Hairstyles
Total Items for Sale : 150+
Average Cost per Item : L$175

ETD Isle (Main)
AVEDA Institute
Or visit ETD on:

ETD has been along for as long as I can remember, serving Second Life with the best prim hair available. Elisha Tiramisu’s work is top notch, and she is nothing less then professional when dealing with her customers. ETD also has a section that offers clothing, shoes, and other accessories.

Check out some of her products below!

Abigail Style
ETD Abigail
Mod/Copy/No Transfer
One Color Pack - L$175
All Color Packs - L$2000

Lindsay Style
ETD Lindsay
Mod/Copy/No Transfer
One Color Pack - L$175
All Color Packs - L$2000

For my fellow man out there, ETD also has a great selection of Men’s Hairstyles. You can find at least 8 or more unique styles while visiting, such as the one below.

Brian Style
ETD Brian
Mod/Copy/No Transfer
One Color Pack - L$175
All Color Packs - L$2000

Visit ETD now at ETD Isle!

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Location: Shop of the Week, Elika Tiramisu Designs (ETD)

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Shop of the Week

Writing by Ramus Overlord on Thursday, 19 of April , 2007 at 3:18 am

Hello everyone! Today was going to be the first post of the “Shop of the Week” feature on Second Life Traveler. But due to technical difficulties in Second Life tonight, I will be postponing it until tomorrow!

Just a little explanation though on how “Shop of the Week” will work!

Unlike my normal reviews, “Shop of the Week” will once a week, feature a quality shopping location in Second Life. Instead of focusing on how the location is designed, and its specifications, it will be a short presentation of what the shop has to offer. This can include some highlight items, pricing, locations, and websites to visit them at.

Also “Shop of the Week” will be sent out weekly via my opt-in newsletter, if you have not already signed up please do so on the right or click here. Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties, and you will only receive newsletters and information pertaining to Second Life Traveler.

As always I would love to hear your feedback, give me a hollar in game on Ramus Overlord. Or just click here to leave me an email.

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Location: Ramus' Ramblings, Shop of the Week

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The Weather Channel - Moana’Ina Beach

Writing by Ramus Overlord on Monday, 16 of April , 2007 at 4:20 am

Moana’Ina Beach

Sim Name: Epic Conditions Surf
Sim Type: Private (Mature)
Location: Moana’Ina Beach
Weather Merlin
Website: The Weather Channel
Size: est. 65,536 sq. m
Traffic: est. 16,000
Events: Surf Competitions
Shops: Sebastian’s Surf Shop

Rating: 3 out of 5 3 out of 5 3 out of 5

Today’s entry will be a mix of a review, and an event. Recently Namiko Surf hosted its second “Namiko Pro” surf competition, the location of choice was Moana’Ina Beach, home of the Epic Surf Waves by Heather Goodliffe. Moana’Ina Beach was created by The Weather Channel to promote their Epic Conditions Tv Series. The Moana’Ina Beach is one of four different sims on the island, including areas such as extreme Biking and Skiing.

Grandstands designed by RebelTNT Shepherd

When the Weather Channel claims something is epic, you better believe it is. The Epic Waves reach huge heights and speeds giving a great challenge to any Second Life Surfer who dares brave it. The Second Namiko Pro competition tackled these waves with 21 competitors, 5 at a time in 10 minute heats. In the end, Frankie Miles of Surf Chix came out the winner.

Frankie hitting a huge wave!

Throughout the Epic Surf Sim you can find some great signs with information on how real life Epic Waves form, you can even watch a video on the beach, for previews of the Weather Channels Epic Conditions Tv Series. The only shop on Moana’Ina is the quaint Sebastian’s Surf Shack, where you can pick up some Weather Channel gear, or a surf board to hit the waves with.

Sebastian’s Surf Shack

After almost 3 hours of surfing the big ones, the competition came to an end. If you are interested in the results, here they are!


1. Frankie Miles
2. Requiem Theriac
3. Seano Osumi
4. AlexSurfer Hirons

Semi Finalists

5. Malcolm Sydney
6. Thor Bishop
7. Eield Decosta
8. Flynn Sheridan
9. Valent1ne Apogee
10. Creed Lisle

Quarter Finalists

11. Pablitin Couffer and Vincent Olivier
12. JD Snook and Aries Ashton
13. Kimmy Leroux and Tabby Babii
14. Polysilox Apogee
15. Gypsie Summers
16. Cierra Theriac
17. Gerran Voss, Warren Barthelmess, kiddd Ikarus

Congrats to all of the competitors of the Namiko Pro, you did great!

Colour-coded surfboards designed especially for the competition!

Almost the entire sim of Moana’Ina Beach is water and waves, making it a great place to surf in Second Life. If you would like to hit some waves without the lag, this is most definitely a key spot for any serious surfer. After the waves, hit the Bike Trail or go Skiing down a mountain for some great fun. Many companies invest in Second Life, but the Weather Channel has taken it one step further by including the residents, sponsoring events, and building some great action packed sims. My props to them!

Hey everyone, what do you mean “look behind you?”

Check out the Gallery for more pictures of Moana’Ina Beach and the Surf Competition!

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Location: Beaches, Ratings, Three Stars, Moana'Ina Beach

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the Shelter

Writing by Ramus Overlord on Wednesday, 11 of April , 2007 at 4:10 am

the Shelter

Sim Name: Isabel & Wingo
Sim Type: Mainland (Mature)
Location: the Shelter
Owner: Travis Lambert
Size: est. 14704 sq. m
Traffic: est. 23,676
Events: Second Fortune, Payment Podium
Shops: Free Shops for New Second Lifers!

Rating: 4 out of 5 4 out of 5 4 out of 5 4 out of 5

I always like to believe that it is better to go with what you know. And I certainly know the Shelter. That is why i’ve chosen it for my second review. the Shelter was founded on August 20th, 2004 by Travis Lambert and Lars Bismark. It originally started as a small place for newbies to come and not be harrassed by sexual encounters, bad language, and overall chaos that Second Life breeds. From there, it expanded into what it is today. A dance club, freebie spot, help center, free rent shopping mall, and an over-all newbie friendly location.

Laguna Beach Entrance
the Shelter Entrance, hard to miss and so welcoming!

the Shelter is almost the only reason I did not quit Second Life after my first week. The people here were great to me, and although I moved on to new things. I still stop in to visit, and share my knowledge with the next generation of newcomers.

As soon as you enter the Shelter you notice a few things, first is the huge amount of freebies littering the floor. These are usually very high quality, and even include free detailed skins for new residents. The next thing you will notice (after about 10 friendly Shelter-Inhabitants say hello!) is the dance floor, you can alway’s find people dancing the day away here and helping newcomers get started.

Up the stairs are where some great events are held, such as Second Fortune, Payment Podium and Trivial Obsession. Everyone can join in these games and win cool prizes from L$ to gift packages, and more.

Laguna Beach Entrance
the Shelters Dance Floor, Bar, and Freebies!

Did I mention Pool Parties somewhere? Oh yes, head out back and you’ve got a great spot to swim, dive, and lounge around waiting for the right newbie to come in from help island and sweep you off your prim shoes. Ehem, where was I? Right, pool, check!

Take a relaxing swim in the full size inground pool!

From the pool area, take a short flight straight up. You should come to the little green house perched on the top floor of the building. Here there is a money tree for new residents to get some extra cash, as well as nice little garden and fountain to hang around.

The Money Tree stands ready to fend off hordes of broke newbies!

I personally suggest going to the Shelter on sundays when they hold their Pool Parties and Formal at night. Also I have news that they are about to redo the entire Shelter, and I bet it looks great. So landmark the area and come back in a few weeks, once the upgrade is done ill be sure to review it again!

Young or old, if you are looking for a great place to visit with less sleeze and a big friendly group of people. the Shelter may be the place for you.

I’ll leave you, in closing, with me getting down with my bad self on the Shelter bartop.

Ramus getting jiggy with it at the Shelter.

Check out the Gallery for more pictures of the Shelter!

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Location: the Shelter, Ratings, Four Stars, Clubs

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